Hormazd Narielwalla

10 January 2019

Breakfast with the young artist, Hormazd Narielwalla, at the home of one of our members. It was a great start to the year - we loved his works on paper and hearing about how he was inspired by his experience in fashion in India.

Phyllida Barlow

16 January 2019

Visit in the studio of Phyllida Barlow in the presence of the artist and hearing more about her upcoming show at the Royal Academy. Our visit was followed by a wonderful lunch hosted by Hauser & Wirth.

Hicham Berrada

28 January 2019

Dînatoire at the home of Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre and to listen to the artist Hicham Berrada in conversation with Ralph Rugoff, director of the Hayward Gallery and the 2019 Venice Biennale.

Stéphanie des Horts

30 January 2019

Breakfast talk with the author Stéphanie des Horts, who was speaking about her most recent book on the Livanos sisters as well as her book on Pamela Harriman.

ICA - Morag Keil

5 February 2019

Tour of the Morag Keil exhibition led by Katherine Stout, deputy director of the ICA. Followed by a delicious lunch hosted by Maria Sukkar. 

Lee Jin Woo

7 February 2019

Breakfast and private view in the presence of the artist, Lee Jin Woo, at HdM Gallery.

Arco Madrid

27 February 2019

Trip to Madrid for ARCO Madrid 2019, including VIP Pass. 

Dior Exhibition

5 March 2019

Magic evening! The V&A privatised just for us with a cocktail party and a private viewing of the Dior exhibition. 

Kader Attia Exhibition with Ralph Rugoff

21 March 2019

Private visit to the Kader Attia Exhibition at the Hayward Gallery guided by Ralph Rugoff, director of the Venice Biennale and the Hayward Gallery. 

Antoine Kouchner & Matteo Barsuglia

26 March 2019

Talk about "The new Cosmic messengers: illuminating the dark side of the Universe" followed by a dinner party at the private home of Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre.

Art Paris

3 and 4 April 2019

Two days in Paris for the Art Paris 2019 Art Fair. VIP Programme including private visits of the fair curated by AWARE with Camille Morineau and a focus on Latin American art with Valentina Locatelli. Private Visit to Foundation Cartier and an artist studio. 

Fondation Cartier

3 April 2019

Private visit to the Fondation Cartier in Paris for the exhibition "Jeunes Artistes en Europe. Les Métamorphoses" We were welcomed by the curator of the exhibition Thomas Delamare. 

Private dinner at collector's home

3 April 2019

Private dinner at a private collector's home in Paris.

Breakfast preview at Gazette & Yvette's

5 April 2019

Event organised by Le Spot Paris in collaboration with Spirit Now London. Exceptional breakfast around Aurore de La Morinerie who drew in front of us at Gazette & Yvette in Paris. Gazette & Yvette returns with a new collection of works of art.

Private dinner with
Ralph Rugoff

7 May 2019

Private dinner hosted by Elisabeth Grimblat Royer at the Palazzo Barbaro Curtis with the presence of Ralph Rugoff, director of the Venice Biennale 2019. 

VIP PASS Venice Biennale 2019

8 May 2019

Spirit Now London offered 11 VIP PASSES for the Venice Biennale 2019, for Spirit Now London's members.

Private cocktail party

9 May 2019

Private cocktail party at the Palazzo Barbaro Curtis, Venice, Italy. 

Idris Khan studio visit

14 May 2019

Idris Khan studio visit. Idris and Celine Fribourg spoke about their collaboration of the rare artist book they made. Followed by lunch at the studio. 

Photo London 2019 Somerset House 

15 May 2019

Vip Passes for Photo London at Somerset house, private tour at 12pm divided into two groups followed by lunch at Spring restaurant. 

Private tour with Artuner Eugenio Re Rabaudengo

15 May 2019

Tour at 3.30 pm with Eugenio Re Rebaudengo (founder of Artuner) talking about his exhibition at Photo London. 

Private Cocktail Reception at the French Ambassador's residence

23 May 2019

Talk and diner cocktail around the oldest family jeweller in the world.

Laurent Grasso in conversation with Maïa Morgensztern, founder of  Culture Alt Magazine

3 June 2019

Talk followed by lunch at Christie's London. In the presence of the artist Laurent Grasso, who exhibited his work at Art Basel.

Studio visit of Chila Kumari Burman

18 June 2019

Studio visit lead by the great professor and curator Aladin Aladin followed by lunch. 

Conrad Shawcross
studio visit

18 June 2019

Conrad Shawcross's studio visit organised by Nadja Romain. 

Cindy Sherman at the National Portrait Gallery

27 June 2019

Breakfast followed by a presentation by Morgan Long, Senior Director of The Fine Art Group.

Private visit before opening to the public. 

Masterpiece Art Fair

1 July 2019

Private Tour with Philip Hewat Jaboor (Chairman at Masterpiece London) followed by lunch at Ivy restaurant inside the fair.

Hicham Berrada

2 July 2019

Tour of the Hicham Berrada's exhibition (at Hayward Gallery and in presence of the artist) with an introduction by the curator Eimear Martin.

Tour followed  by an introduction to the exhibition Kiss my Genders

Hicham Berrada's exhibition has been supported by Spirit Now London. 

Cora Sheibani Talk and Dinner with  Louisa Guinness

10 September 2019

Cora Sheibani, jewellery designer and art collector in conversation with Louisa Guinness. Hosted in her private home.

Private visit to Katrin Henkel's home

25 September 2019

Visit and dinner to discover the

Katrin Bellinger Collection (www.tavolozzafoundation.com)


Private tour  of the exhibition & breakfast 

30 September 2019

Private tour of the exhibition with the curator Lawrence Van Hagen

Collector Preview of PAD London

30 September 2019

VIP Passes for the collectors preview

Exhibition of United Visual Artists presented by The Store X the Vinyl Factory 

30 September 2019

Event co-organised with Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain

Diner in honour of Osanna Visconti in presence of the artists

1 October 2019

Event co-organised with The Invisible Collection. 

Antony Gormley

2 October 2019

Pre-opening visit of the exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Elizabeth Peyton

2 October 2019

Cocktail Reception and Private Visit of the exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery

Lead tour of Frieze Masters

3 October 2019

Private tour with the curator Dr Amin Jaffer.
Guided tour for the highlights of Frieze Master and with the art historian, Henry Little

Private lunch at XU Restaurant in Frieze Masters

3 October 2019

Only for Spirit Now London members and the circle ‘Vivre en Couleur’ Fondation Cartier pour l'art Contemporain

Private visit at The Strand, organised by La Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain

3 October 2019

Private visit to the exhibition.
Talk with Matt Clarke and Bernie Krause about the installation The Great Animal Orchestra.

Unexpected View at the National Gallery

3 October 2019

Private visit and cocktail.

Paul Gauguin Exhibition

4 October 2019

Pre-opening visit of the exhibition at the National Gallery.

Art Day Trip to Hauser&Wirth in Somerset

9 October 2019

Tour of the exhibitions from Bharti Kher A Wonderful Anarchy and David Smith. Field Work.

Lunch hosted by Hauser&Wirth followed by tour by the artist Bharti Kher.

Private visit & breakfast with Maloles Antignac

14 October 2019

Private and first visit of the exhibition 'Fertility Cycle" at Gallery Gabriel & Guillaume in Paris.


Event in partnership with LeSpot. 

Private visit of Giuseppe Penone exhibition

15 October 2019

Private visit of the first exhibition of the artist since 2013, featuring "Matrice Di Linfa' with two new sculptures.

Exhibition at Palais de Iéna in Paris.


Event in partnership with LeSpot. 

Collectors Preview of Asia Now 2019

15 October 2019

Curated tour of the Paris Asian Art Fair.

Event in partnership with LeSpot.

Private tea time at Private Choice

16 October 2019

This year's collection is expressed through the theme 'Affinités/Affinities', enhanced by the infinitely multifaceted suggestions of artists of about fifteen nationalities.

Cocktail & Visit of the exhibition 'Lost And Found In Paradis'

17 October 2019

Exhibition curated by ARTUNER

Private visit & Cocktail around Maloles Antignac

18 October 2019

Event organised with the Tokyo Art Club

Private visit & cocktail of the exhibition in the presence of the artists Xie Lei and Christopher Orr

5 November 2019

Event organised with HdM Gallery

Private dinner with HdM Gallery

5 November 2019

Private visit the exhibition Tuthankhamun exhibition with the artist Kate Daudy 

6 November 2019

Kate Daudy, invited by the Saatchi Gallery, presented her contemporary response to the exhibition.

Paris Photo
Collectors Preview

6 November 2019

VIP Pass for the collectors preview

VIP Tour 
Paris Photo

7 November 2019

VIP Tour of the fair with an Art Historian

Private visit of Bridget Riley exhibition with a lead-tour by Ralf Rugoff

11 November 2019

Private visit after the closing of the Hayward Gallery

Two days Art Trip in Vienna

18-19 November 2019

Art Trip organised with Dorotheum

Conversation with the artist Eva Jospin and Maia Morgensztern, founder of Culture Alt Magazine

28 November 2019

Talk followed by dinner at the private home of the collector Maria Sukkar

Breakfast with the artist Kate Daudy

02 December 2019

The artist discussed on her contemporary response to the exhibition 'Tutankhamun Treasures of the Golden Pharaon'.

Private visit & cocktail to discover Modern Forms Collection and a special display from the artist Douglas White

11 December 2019

The visit has been hosted by Nick Hackworth, Creative Director of Modern Forms and Douglas White. 

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