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Spirit Now London live-visit Tony Oursler's exhibition, with the artist himself at Kaohsiung Museum

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

An event by Spirit Now London and Editions Take5

Online event: 21 January 2021

Introduction by Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre (founder of Spirit Now London)

Dear Spirit Now London Friends,

We are travelling today to Taiwan at the KAOHSIUNG Museum of Fine arts. And with the pioneer of the multimedia and video art, the American artist Tony Oursler.

It is an extraordinary experience that we will live for this immersive, momentous retrospective « Black Box « in Asia devoted to his work.

We are very honored that it is the artist himself who will be our guide for this live visit, which will showcase his most exemplary videos, installations, experimental films and cinema work from the 70’s to the present days.

A unique and phantasmagoric universe with unforgettable creatures that are alive in a transformative moving 3-dimensional environment.

The artist is known to incorporate video, sculpture, and performance into its practice that question our humanities’ future and our addiction to smartphone and new technology.

The Black Box was elected among the 10 best exhibitions of the year by ART FORUM. It reveals his fascination of mystical phenomenon and origin of the Camera obscura, conjuring immersive experience through technologies of projection, video screens and optical devices..

Before letting you travel in this world of creativity, I would like to thank also for their presence :

Yulin Lee, The museum director

Alice KO the curator of the exhibition

I am very grateful to my dear friend and SNL member Celine Fribourg ( the publisher of the Editions Take 5 ) who made me discover this extraordinary artist through the beautiful artist book MONSTERS that she created with him.

And I would like to welcome the SNL community to be with us this morning as well as the friends of Celine Fribourg and the collectors and art lovers in Paris coming from La Maison Balzac and Le SPOT .

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