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The Gaze of a Parisienne

Conversation between the artist Eva Jospin and Maia Morgensztern

Paris – London, there we find the artist Eva Jospin.

Her presence is concretized in the English artistic landscape. Today for a talk in front of a crowd of amateurs, reunited by Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre for her club Spirit Now and next March, his trees, which, in France, attract her the recognition of the public, exercised part of exhibition of the Hayward Gallery Parmi les arbres, Ralf Rugoff, her charismatic director, curator of the Venice Biennale, is present in the assembly.The forest has become a celebrity today in our contemporary world. Eva Jospin foresaw this movement of society, « What are trees dreaming about? which became a best seller. The Cartier Foundation exhibits on Nous les Arbres and the rich countries are mobilizing against the deforestation of the Amazon. The Dreamer of the Zadkine Museum Forest exhibits Eva Jospin’s Black Forest in bronze, another favorite material. The forests of Eva Jospin refer to the founding myth of the forest « dark and obscure » to resume the first lines of the Hell of Dante: it is at the same time the place of our anxieties but also that of the pagan and sacred celebrations, pillar from heaven, as in the spirit of the ancient Saxons.

Giuseppe Penone at Palais d'Iéna

When poetry and natural science meet and become artistic ...

The Extraordinary Destiny of Paul Durand-Ruel – The Impressionists’ Merchant – Talk by Flavie Durand-Ruel

“Paul Durand-Ruel was a pioneer, innovative not only for his artistic choices but also for the principles that he instilled in the title of contemporary art dealer.” – Flavie Durand-Ruel

The Beautiful Dances by Othoniel at Versailles

"I want to make the Sun King dance again"- JM Othoniel

London Design Festival at the V&A

Behind the majestic Victorian architecture lie a number of surprises perfect for visitors looking to stroll around, letting their curiosity roam free.

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