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Jean de Loisy

23 January 2015

We received Jean de Loisy, president of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris at the French Insitute in South Kensington (Salon Prives).

Ralph Rugoff

24 February 2015

Ralph Rugoff (director of Hayward Gallery and Curator of the Biennale de Lyon) made us travel in the unknown landscapes of contemporary art nowadays. Talk and lunch in the private rooms of the French Institute.

Jean-Michel Othoniel

23 April 2015

Jean-Michel Othoniel talked about the « Bosquet du Théâtre d’Eau », his new commission for the Château de Versailles. The talk and lunch took place in the private home of Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre.

Henry Moore

9 May 2015

A day trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Best Museum 2014 for Art Fund Prize): visit of the Henry Moore exhibition with the director, followed by a lunch in a private room of the foundation.

Carsten Holler

23 May 2015

Visit of Carsten Höller show by Ralph Rugoff, director of Hayward Gallery followed by a lunch.

Alice Anderson

15 Septembre 2015

Private visit and lunch at the Wellcome Collection, for the solo show of the artist Alice Anderson. The curator Kate Gordon of the exhibition made a guided visit in the presence of the artist.

Flavie Durand Ruel

29 September 2015

Talk with Flavie Durand Ruel. After the important exhibition Durand Ruel in Paris at the Musée du Luxembourg and at the National Gallery, Flavie talked about her great grandfather, founder of the famous gallery Durand Ruel based in NY, Paris and Switzerland. The talk took place in the new South Kensington Club, followed by a lunch.

Contemporary African Art Fair

15 October 2015

Visit of the Contemporary African Art Fair by its founder Touria El Glaoui, at Somerset House. Lunch at Somerset House after the visit.

Rodrigo Matheus

10 November 2015

Rodrigo Matheus, visit of his solo show at Ibid Gallery London by the artist, followed by a lunch at Soho House.

Chris Martin

26 November 2015

Dinner at the VNH Gallery during the Chris Martin exhibition.

Marie Laure Jousset

10 December 2015

Talk on design between Marie Laure Jousset, formal head of Design at Centre Georges Pompidou and the designer Robert Stadler. Followed by a vist of the private collection and a lunch.

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