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What is the Spirit?

Through our panel of exclusive events, SNL gives the keys to artists' studios, unlock the world of museum directors, philosophers, writers, scientists... with intimate conversations in private homes or venues. Our passionate friends also have the opportunity to meet up over breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. 

By invitation only, it is a  circle of art patrons, collectors, and friends. Spirit Now London gives the opportunity to meet with exceptional personalities from contemporary art, design, culture, and science.

Spirit Now London is also invited for trips around Europe to art fairs, private foundations, and collectors' private home in a very intimate way. Since the beginning in 2015, we are invited, regularly to the most renewed art fair, including Frieze, ArtBasel, ArcoFair, PhotoLondon the Venice Biennale, and much more.

'Spirit Now London is aiming to gather the best group seeking spiritual moments.

With Spirit Now London we want to create a very privileged and intimate atmosphere,

where each one would feel free to ask questions and exchange points of views.'

Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre, founder and director

The Spirit of Community

We care about our members, and we are very proud of the potential enshrined within our community, which is very active. Our members are not just collectors, and it is not all about mere events they attend. We encourage them to engage with the artists and personalities that we invite to share their exhibitions, inspiration and creativity with us.

We select projects and institutions that we find interesting, as behind every of them, there are always personalities we want to follow. A further crucial element is quality, which acts as a "bonding agent". It is the quality of the exclusive events we select, as well as the outstanding and varied profiles of our members. Therefore, we are always committed to supporting each of them in their initiatives, creativity and projects.

The Spirit of Giving

As a group, Spirit Now London is also supporting some cultural institutions (Hayward Gallery, Barbican, Palais de Tokyo,  Musée d'art Moderne de la Ville de Paris,  Chisenhale,)  We are willing to propose to each member of the group to commission an artist work for an exhibition, a project to sponsor together. In 2018, we were invited to pre-commissioned artworks from Tomàs Saraceno for his important exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo. 


October 2022 was a crucial month for Spirit Now London, as we developed two important projects. We supported the Barbican through Soheila Sokhanvari's exhibition curated by Eleanor Nairne. Moreover, promoted a Spirit Now London Prize during Frieze Masters, selecting a female artist from the Spotlight section, and donating one of her works to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

The Spirit of Education

In 2020, we launched an educational program on the theme 'The Great Collectors - The History Of Collecting' with Art Historian Henry Little. Conceived as an engaging, panoramic tour of the great collectors from art history, the series will begin with a discussion of key personalities including the Medicis, Catherine the Great, Doctor Albert C. Barnes, Peggy Guggenheim and François Pinault. We will also unravel the evolution of public collections from humble cabinets of curiosity to global encyclopedic collections, touching upon their relationship with Royal collections and the Victorian sense of the public good. Subsequent events will include visits to private collections, day trips and behind-the-scenes tours at some of London’s most important museums.

The Spirit of Science

We also inaugurated for 2020 a selection of discussions with experts in science. Our themes for the year are how to understand the enigmas around the brain, genetics and ageing.

The Spirit of Connecting

We are glad to carry on our work of strengthening and creating bridges between France and the UK. Our two nations have a strong shared cultural history, despite these days of Brexit. We intend to keep inviting French artists that we admire to share their thoughts and inspirations in institutions, or collectors' private homes in London.

Spirit Now London is also willing to open up literal frontiers with trips to Europe but also to unlock the frontiers of knowledge by guiding you to unknown paths. We are organising bespoke art trips to Europe, where we will be hosted by our network of collectors' friends and foreign personalities from the cultural world.

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