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Webinar with the artist Prune Nourry



Online event: 11 May 2021

Introduction written Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre (Founder & Director of Spirit Now London)

Published by Spirit Now London

Good afternoon to all of you,

We are delighted to have you for a trip to Paris to meet with the visual artist Prune Noury.

As you may know, Prune, who graduated from the Ecole Boulle, is an artist with a strong

interest in sculpture and mainly large scale sculpture. She realises it in situ, destroys it,

buries it under the ground or stages it through documented rituals with videos and


Her work raises scientific questions, which she transforms into artistic matter.

She is interested in everything linked to the female body, the assisted procreation, and

biotic matters.

The notion of balance is at the centre of her artistic thinking: be it biological, ethical,

ecological, or the balance between the body and disease.

I was fortunate to first meet Prune through the beautiful collaboration she made for the

artist book 'Eros and the pulsion of death'; for Edition Take 5.

When Caroline d’Esneval suggested that we invite our communities to meet with Prune for

a webinar in her studio, I was immediately up to it.

I want to welcome :

  • The collectors and friends of Spirit now London in the UK

  • From Paris/France: the benefactors of the Palais de Tokyo and also from la Maison Balzac.

  • From Switzerland The friends of le Musée de L'Elysée in Lausanne and from le Centre d'Art Contemporain de Genève.

  • And more widely, the readers of the cultural magazine, The Gaze of a Parisienne, and the collectors of Editions Take 5.

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