What is the Spirit?

Spirit Now London is a private and exclusive group of friends and collectors invited to attend a series of conferences, exhibitions in London, followed by a breakfast, lunch or dinner, in private homes, clubs, galleries, artists’ studios. A great panel of very different personalities like Museum Directors, curators, artists, writers, philosophers, designers, but also psychologists and scientists are invited to come to London and pass on their passion to the group.


Co-Founded and directed by Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre, SPIRIT NOW is aiming to gather the best group seeking spiritual moments. With « Spirit Now London !» she wants to create a very privileged and intimate atmosphere, where each one would feel free to ask questions and exchange points of views.

How to Join the Club

Spirit Now London has around 80 members. Our growing community allows each member to connect with like-minded people who share the same passion for contemporary art and culture in general.

Membership Benefits

Being a SNL member means that you have the opportunity to meet with exceptional figures from the cultural world. Through these private events, you will get to visit artists' studios, attend intimate talks with museum directors, enjoy conversations between artists, scientists, philosophers, writers... You will also have the opportunity to discuss with other passionated members over breakfast, lunch and dinner.