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Spirit Now London live-visit of Unbreakable Women in Glass (Fondazione Berengo) with Nadja Romain

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Live-visit with Nadja Romain (co-curator of the show and member of Spirit Now London)

An event by Spirit Now London & The Gaze of a Parisienne

Online event: 5 November 2020

Introduction by Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre (Founder of Spirit Now London)

Dear Spirit Now London's friends,

Despite the governmental restrictions, we were delighted to e-travel to Murano (Italy) at the Fondazione Berengo last Thursday for a webinar and live-visit of the exhibition Unbreakable Women in Glass.

A huge thanks to our dear member and friend Nadja Romain, who co-curated the show and lead us to this wonderful exhibition.

Launched as part of the Venice Glass Week at the start of September, the exhibition has already won the prestigious Bonhams Prize.

This online event was organised in partnership with The Gaze of a Parisienne and LeSpot and allowed us to gather three communities from London, Paris and Geneva, all passionate about art and culture.

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